Registration Procedure

Each student’s registration must be associated to a document certifying the attendee has student status at some higher education institution (MSc or PhD). Accepted documents are copies of student’s card or equivalent documents.

The 3rd IFAC CESCIT Registration Procedure is composed of the following steps:

  • Registration type
  • Accompanying person(s)
  • Papers identification
  • Conditions and Cancellation Policy
  • Payment information
  • Confirmation / Registration fee validation

These steps are detailed below. In case you need help and /or find any difficulty during registration, please contact Cescit Secretariat.

Registration type

You have the following registration types:

  • Regular registration (500€ fee before April 20th; 650€ before May 31st; 700€ after June 1st  – up to 2 papers included)
  • Student registration (250€ fee before April 20th; 325€ before May 31st – 1 paper included – copy of student’s card to be provided)

To help the organizing committee with logistic issues, you are invited to inform us if you will attend the following social events:

  • Historical guided visit to Faro city centre (June 6th, 18h00)
  • Welcome Reception at the Faro Museum (June 6th, 19h30)
  • Conference Dinner (June 7th, 19h30) – not included in the Student Registration

Conference Dinner for student costs 35 €; you must add it in your registration form, in case you choose “Student” registration type.

Accompanying Person(s)

Accompanying Person(s) may be also added to your registration. An additional fee (85€) is charged for each accompanying person registration. Accompanying Person Registration includes:

  • Historical guided visit
  • Welcome reception
  • Lunches on conference days
  • Conference Dinner

It does not provide access to the congress plenary / technical sessions.

Also, you are invited to inform us if your accompanying person will attend each / all the social events:

  • Historical guided visit
  • Welcome Reception
  • Lunches on conference days
  • Congress Dinner

Papers identification

Final papers should be submitted before the 20th April. In order to be included in the final program, all papers should also be associated with at least one registration.

Regular registration allows for 2 papers upload free of charge. Student registration allows for 1 paper upload free of charge.

Additional paper upload can be purchased at the cost of 150€ per paper.

Papers are limited to 6 pages. Additional pages may be added, up to a total of 8 pages, at an additional cost of 50€ per page.

Paper upload must be done in the web service. Conference authors must indicate the “paper ID numbers” in their registration. Each paper ID number is valid only for a specific paper ID (submission number) and for a specified number of pages. Authors should be very careful when entering their paper data.

Conditions and Cancellation Policy

Conditions and cancellation policy are defined at the Registration page and also at the registration form; read it carefully.

Payment information

After you submit your registration, you will receive an email with payment information (bank transfer or credit card are allowed) so that you can proceed with payment.

If you need a proforma prior to payment, you must mention that in the registration form, in the “invoicing information” field.

Payments are in Euros (€). All prices include VAT.

Currency exchanges and / or bank fees must be supported by the paying entity.

Confirmation / Validation registration fee

Once payment is received your registration is validated and complete. If you required, you’ll receive the final invoice/receipt.

Keep in mind that early bird fees apply only before 20 April.